Large paper egg with polymer clay overlay: redo

So I posted before this small disaster, LOL, coming to grips with failures and experimental mistakes is somewhat frustrating. I cut apart that egg which wasn’t working out well, (you can see the paper inside had gotten misshapen from all the sanding with wet sandpaper I had done) and I cleaned it out, soaking off, and sanding off, the remains of the paper (it was a combination of chines news and news in english LOL).  The inside was kind of cool, and I am determined to figure out something to make this fun and interesting.

For starters I need to bolster the rather flexible polymer clay egg itself, which I suppose I should do with liquid polymer clay in a fine coat first, on the inside.  If it stabilizes enough I can sand the outside more.  I did think a little dragon (multicolored) coming out of this large egg would be fun….  i have never created a structure that would be as big as a dragon would need to be to be in proportion to this rather large (5 inch) egg.  The other option, much quicker and maybe just as cute, would be to buy a little stuffed dragon toy…  thinking.