Yet another pysanka egg:

Here is a little “less” delicate egg pysanka egg. I wonder if someone could figure out how to make a pattern that is really readable and post it as a pdf online.  I tried that at one point many years ago, I will try to look up what I did then and see if it is really all that possible, or practical.


Pysanky eggs: #5

I am just listing these eggs by number because I don’t want to figure out how else to do it.  This is just a journal in case anyone wants to see how fun this particular technique is, and it is soooo simple. My kids and I did this on a regular basis for many years.



Pysanka egg: 4

I picked these eggs up out of the closet, so many of the designs I don’t even remember doing.  I find it strange to look at some of the ideas that sprang into my head while doing these.  It seems like yesterday, standing by the kitchen sink, holding a kistka, trying to squeeze some art that I loved into the rigors of being a mom and career person.  How does anyone do it all. This particular egg looks to me like a “party”, ha ha, birthday party or something like that. I was obviously working on lines and dots in this particular case.


Sun and Moon: aka L’eggs Eggs

Does anyone but me remember the stockings that came in L’eggs egg containers? I thought those were the coolest containers, and frankly bought the stockings just for the containers (though I did wear the stockings in the 1980s or so when women still wore dresses and skirts to work.

I made many many easter eggs for kids and family from them. This is one that I happened to keep…. two sides of the sky, the sun and themoon.  Likely thiswas just Marks-a-Lot, or Sharpie, I don’t even remember when Sharpies came on the market.