Racing cane polymer clay egg with cutout and inner egg

Two eggs covered with polymer clay, mainly with a black and white racing flag cane and other stuff.  The inside egg was covered with translucent polymer clay, as thin a layer as i could roll. THen cured. Two holes drilled in top and bottom to house a tiny wooden dowel that went through and through the egg with short ends above and below to be secured later in the large egg.  A second layer of polymer clay was applied to the small egg (did i mention it was a cockatiel egg) and cured again.

The large (actually it was an extra large chicken egg) was covered with a thin layer of translucent polymer clay and cured, then with a knife it was cut in half, and the side portions cut out. I positioned the small egg inside the two halves of the large egg, cut out a little half circle in each for the stick, and used clay on top and bottom to secure the small egg inside.  Then cured two halves (and small egg) to stabilize them.

I next put a layer of black and white flag cane (along with other canes added) on the outside of the large egg, and cured once again.  Sanded, then and chipped out the egg shell from the inside of the large egg with a dental pick.  I did have to patch up a crease in the joint between two halves with black clay…. nothing i do is perfect, patching is a way of life for me.  Anyway i sanded out the windows, and added decoration.  I might add more. not sure. This is not a prize possession, obviously, but I enjoy the process of inventing.