Letting a cane rest: polymer clay eggs

Life is a learning experience, so is working with any medium, polymer clay included.  I so get interested in the process of figuring out a new medium (or for my work during the “real work hours” finding a new pattern in the ultrastructure of cells).  I don’t know about you, but for me it has to be hands on.  I love tutorials but I don’t know what questions to ask until I get my hands and elbows deep into the projects and the medium.  So here i learned that using an old cane and a new cane together (especially when the cane is made with a softer polymer clay like Premo or Fimo soft) that they work together in entirely different manners while under the same roller or finger pressure.  The star like flower cane of black and white and yellow and a red center is months old, maybe a half a hear, while the yellow red and white cane was made the same day as I began layering it on this chicken egg shell.  Working them smooth, one moved around enormously, the other stayed the same. The third cane white petals and black background and a dotted center was about one month old.  This is how I learn.  While one is not better, they sure are different.

learning about polymer clay covered eggs

3 cane polymer clay egg sculpture

Just tried making a little “brighter” canes for this egg, meaning not using so much black between the pieces of the cane. The yellow and red were more prominent. I will try again, as always.  But I did end up understanding two things, 1 sometimes it is good to let the cane rest before using it, and 2, i think i like a firmer polymer clay,  Premo is too soft, Fimo soft seems too soft, I am going to investigate a stiffer clay for canes.

polymer clay eggs decorated

Tiny yolk-less chicken egg and polymer clay cane

This was a special egg, tiny and without a yolk, that I had so much fun using with polymer clay.  It stands just about an inch and a half tall, so cute.  The cane was made with whites browns and black, with just a touch of red and green in the spaces between where I layered on the canes.  Someday hopefully I will get really careful like some of the clay artists and put these on perfectly square, or round, but for now i really enjoy the combination of chaos and order.  Sometimes for me, too much order in a cane project, is a little boring.

I especially like the contrast between the tiny black dots (the repetition and order) and the large areas of color (chaos).

Polymer clay cane egg

This egg looks like it has x chromosomes on it all in a row midway to the bottom. LOL. And whats more, the x chromosomes have a little NOR at their center (that is the acronym for nucleolar organizing region) again, hahaha. The original cane was a dark purple and brown and black and white butterfly cane. Used elsewhere, there was a substantial amount of cane left over, and I have used it in several different eggs.  I must admit that probably it is too dark, as it was reduced in size the black became a dominant color.  Next canes I make are going to have very little black, just learning this stuff, and having a great time doing it.  This egg was so smooth and satin-feeling that I didn’t coat it with varathane.  I do think you will see it again in a few weeks, as it seems to me NOT to have any particularly spectacular points, and I have envisioned small spouts (about 5) on it. I will drill holes, then build the spouts, and have flowers on wires i think, coming out of the spouts.

Many left over canes conglomerate decorated egg

Many left over canes conglomerate decorated egg which includes canes made with rose petals, and daffodil petals and some greenery and wild violets and all sorts of spring flowers, just to remind me that this is a great time of year.  I can put your flower petals into canes and make such an egg custom. It is not too compulsive, but still quite organized (ha ha), a blend of chaos and order.

Two simple 5 petal flower canes polymer clay easter egg

The canes on this polymer clay easter egg were made with flower petals from a funeral bouquet. The white part of the cane has dark red rose petals in it — making it look a little like a grey granite, the fluorescent yellow petals and centers have yellow rose in them.  This gives the ultimate meaning to an easter egg.  LOL.  I did have an idea for another egg, if someone else tries before I get to it please send pictures to my Memory-beads.com website.