Translucent and opaque polymer clay flower bowl

Translucent and opaque polymer clay flower bowl made over an egg shell, then egg dissolved (and chipped) away to reveal a scalloped border.  Fun to see through, and i think the next egg will have a black divider (grout or leading) look. This one has opaque turquoise clay, and the flowers are translucent spiral cane surrounded by the blue.  I haven’t finished this one yet, i am thinking that this needs some of the same flowers on wire (a little bit bendable and bouncy) centered in some radical wire base, that wont cover up the four flowers at the bottom?

Wonder what the topic for a stained glass – type egg will be… i can envision this as a creche… maybe a similar shape exterior as a stained glass window and a creche inside, maybe just the babe and manger.  Thinking on this.

polymer clay egg bowl of translucent flowers