Orbicular granite egg (made with polymer clay)

While making a couple of marble eggs i googled “granite” and “images” and was so taken by a particular kind of granite (orbicular granite) with its gorgeous round geode like places that i decide while i am making “faux rock” eggs with egg shells and polymer clay i would try to create one that might look like orbicular granite.  I think this egg (which i have just sanded to a smooth finish but not glossed) is really fun.  If you want to see some awesome real orbicular granite, google it.  There are not that many places in the world where such granite is found.

Marble egg

Another egg made with polymer clay and ground brown pine needles. This one has the same ingredients as previous post but also the gold polymer clay (which is kind of brassy-gold) but it contrasts nicely with the translucent and granite clay. This was made with scraps from the previous egg, and just like life, I like the grab-bag egg better than the one i planned.

Granite egg

This is a polymer clay egg: a base layer of translucent, and then a cane made with translucent filled with brown pine needles chopped up, granite grey polymer clay and black polymer clay filled with brown pine needles (these were from my cousins property…made as a keepsake about him).  The pine needles can be seen, and the colors are like the mountains that contain lava nearby.

I googled granite, thinking i might find a match, instead was totally blown away by pictures of orbicular granite.  Now that is some natural geometry, absolutely breathtaking in rhythm and repetition.