Polymer clay cane mickey mouse? egg

My attempt here was to create a cane of mickey mouse and put it all over an empty chicken egg.  As you can see, it didn’t work real well, but i think there is enough resemblance to trigger the image of mickey.  Ha… I also tried a silhouette and that didn’t turn out much better. I guess i need to refine my cane skills, particularly in keeping round objects round while building the cane.  My poor sister gets this for christmas… ha ha.

Polymer clay cane and flower petal egg

Just having fun still with polymer clay and canes over the base of an emptied chicken egg.  I debated whether to (and i might still) drill holes in the white areas (where the white rose petals are ground and kneaded in) and put little polymer clay “eyes” or perhaps little yellow flowers.  Still thinking on this.   I love working with canes, my take is different than many others who use it for a precision cut and paste variation on the cut and paste of computer graphics, and while in all honesty I cannot personally pull that off, i am not apt to want to because i really enjoy the more chaotic variation on a theme.  It reflects so much of life, so much the same–yet so different.

polymer clay cane and flower petal keepsake memorial egg

More burr oak caps for polymer clay eggs

These burr oak caps make the cutest birds nests for eggs of all kinds. Some burr oak acorns seem to open and drop out the nut easily, others remain tightly close until squirrel or car tires open them up.  I did not find a species difference online but i bet there is one.

I collected some acorn caps, washed them in soap and water and dried (sterilizing?) them in an oven at 260.  The little bushy stuff tends to break off so i coated these with aquathane (about two coats).

Inside this particular burr oak acorn cap is a polymer clay egg, made with a left over cane that has “pine needles” ground and kneaded into the clay, from my late cousins property in northern california. Egg was built over one of the tiny eggs left over from when the kids and I played with clay.

one inch polymer clay made with a cane containing flower petals placed in a burr oak acorn cap