Valentine egg: candy ropes and floral stamps and polymer clay

Valentine egg: candy ropes and floral stamps and polymer clay — this was such a fun egg to make and not that difficult. I began with an empty chicken egg and several twisted ropes of two contrasting colors of polymer clay. I dabbed on a little liquid sculpey to keep a couple of the heart outlines in place  then cured the egg.  I added more heart shapes and cured again, after all the stripey places were on i cut out sheets of polymer clay that fit the hearts, and stamped them with a old floral stamp i found lying around. then fit those cut outs into the hearts, tucking the edges down beside the cured two color ropes. After curing again, i punched out the inbetween egg shell and dissolved out the rest of the egg shell using vinegar (it took many hours and two changes of vinegar). I used triple thick clear and a little bit of black acrylic paints to “antique” the stamped areas.

To me it looks like candy…

Holey polymer clay rope egg abstract

I like playing with this technique of swirling ropes of polymer clay to cover objects… and I do love the oblate ovoid as a shape to use…and egg shells are pretty much “freebies” as a base.  I this technique first on the internet and of course have come no where near mastering it, but it fits my style of art — the love of dimension and the desire to build 3D constructions. This egg differes from  previous rope eggs in that I did NOT use a layer of translucent polymer clay as a base, but built the first row – rope and cured the egg, then added a second and third layer and cured it again.  I used a tiny bit of liquid polymer clay underneath the ropes to help them stay in position on the egg while I worked. Finally I punched out the egg in the “empty” spots, sanded and digested out the calcium of the egg shell with two changes of vinegar bath over about an 8 hour period.  The egg has a single coat of varathane, inside and out.

Just fun!. And an easy project to “come and go” from, not demanding to be finished in one sitting. My goal is to figure out how to keep the freshness of the color  — pretty fresh here, though I did use mostly left over scrap clay, and add the flower petals or party glitter, to make these eggs remembrances and keepsakes — but keeping the clean look, which is difficult when the flower petals are added. I am looking around for items that will build texture. because this egg just has two… a pencil end and the edge of my knife.  I did try a philips scredriver head but that didn’t work very well.  I would like to find a hollow metal dowel. The thickness of the ropes is about 1/8 inch.