Mixed media painted egg

I just found some old fingernail polish in the closet (left there by my daughter some 15 years ago) and decided to test to see if it still worked. What better place than an empty egg shell, and to mix it up with markers and other inks and glitter.

Easter eggs: 2018 – metal cross and euphorbia milii cane

This egg was made for a friend who has been a wonderful training coach for running the Flying pig marathon.  Last saturday was the 20 mile run (day be fore easter this year – April 1).  The metal filigree brass colored cross was purchased at michaels, which I bent and shaped to fit an egg.  The euphorbia milii flower (two red petals and a yellow center) is called the christ plant and it carries a whopping number of ugly large thorns… actually an amazing number of thorns. It does grow in the middle east and perhaps (legend says) was the plant plaited into a crown of thorns. All i now is that whomever made that crown also got seriously injured.

These photos are not that great,  but you can see the metal cross and the flower cane on the back… and the light yellow cane behind the cross had fluorescent yellow powder kneaded into it (btw the powder makes the clay a little less fun to work with…. it feels like baking soda had been added to prevent sticking… LOL) bit after just a few hours in the kitchen window… it did fluoresce in the dark.


Easter eggs: euphorbia milii cane

Had a lot of fun with the euphorbia milii cane that i made for easter eggs this easter. Made two of them while listening to easter messages.  Two petal red flower with yellow center is in the center of the round white cane. This egg and others were made from left over clay from memory-bead projects.