Not an egg this time – but my new scrappy quilt

I have been working on this quilt; diamonds and country points. The center of each of the 13 diamonds (really a square at a 45 degree angle) all with different brown print inner borders, and black print outer borders with country points made with 2 inch squares to frame the brown.

The country points on the inner border are graded from darks to lights, while the points on the black border are graded whites.  The center of each diamond is a random strip patch made with everything from 1.5 inch blocks to 5 inch blocks.

Every single piece of fabric, as well as all the batting was made from a store of fabrics that reaches back about 45 years…. maybe even 50, as that is how long I have lived in this part of the country. And many were from “this is my favorite fabric story” those found as follows:  I play tennis, often hitting by myself on the wall at the courts behind North Avondale Montesori School. I walk there from my house which is nearby. On several trips I happen to notice that there was a shock absorber (from a small car probably) lying in the path. I walked over it about 3 days maybe 4 days and thought to myself “if i don’t pick this up it will be here forever” and so I did pick it up and took it to the school dumpster, and upon tossing it in i saw one maybe two black garbage bags full of material.  Yes… big pieces of material, some yards long. All textures, all types, all genres. I just dragged those bags out, slung them over my shoulder took them home and washed the entire lot of fabric….  dried and neatly counted out 100 yards (just of the big pieces) plus many scraps from someone’s cache who had made plenty of kids cloths. This was over 2 decades ago, and I have used them for quilt backs and quilt pieces right along with the fabrics that I picked up from the 8th street building where Poly Flinders had their cutters, also decades ago. The flowers-on-black theme for little girls prints was very popular, and I gobbled up their scraps like candy.

In truth I will likely never use all this fabric, but I keep making significant dents.  HaHa.  So from scraps, all kinds of scraps, textures, qualities, and sizes, comes this quilt.  I am debating whether to leave it square (96×96) and make a pillow sham, or add to each end.  Still thinking.  It is not perfect (I am not a real craftsman, more an idea person, so execution of a perfect quilt is not likely to happen in my lifetime, but I really do enjoy the designing part).

update: i made two more blocks to extend the equilt from square to rectangular…  i will rephotograph.