Corin’s angel character for her movie “The small ones”

Corin is creating a cast of characters for her new movie. “movie” in quotes though I dont doubt for an instant that her daddy will supply her with some animation software (to use at the tender age of 7) so she could actually animate such a movie, at least a little. If she were at my house should could use my rather outdated version of SwishMax4 and that would be awesome fun.  Here is one of the cast characters, clearly a wonderful little girl angel, whose name is yet to be determined.

Corin @ 1/24/2019

Sara Witts End

Lessons about love I learned from this dog:

1) No matter what; no matter how comfortable you were, no matter how cold, tired, or busy… NO MATTER WHAT, never miss the opportunity to sleep next to YOUR ONE person, and do it with the same appreciation, as the VERY FIRST TIME, because you know you’re lucky enough to get to.

2) Love your one person unconditionally, even when they don’t love themselves. ESPECIALLY THEN.
And make DAMN sure to keep your whole body in contact with theirs, keep them warm, and EVEN when they roll over, be SURE YOU let them know you’re with them, even if you think you’re in trouble, and you think they don’t want you

3) If your one person says your name, stop everything and go find them. No matter what you’re doing. No matter how many times in a row. WHATEVER the reason, even if there’s no reason, prove to them you’ll be there, EVERY SINGLE TIME, even when it’s the last thing you want to do.

Happy Birthday Chaya

Corin has sent a message to her cousin Chaya. Be bold and have a happy birthday. I guess I could ask what that word means to two little girls, but I don’t need to be reminded to help my grandaughters understant that women need to be “bold” in their educations, and in their careers, their involvement in humanitarian and political circles, and in their attentiveness to nurturing the next generation.

CMM @ 2019

Left over cane egg

Yellow and orange and red and left over white and light blue canes used in this quick and fun polymer clay cane egg.  Sometimes rather than be really picky and compulsive I just enjoy sticking things together.  What could be more fun that using up scraps of clay cane and egg shells that would go into the trash.  A great learning experience and something to make some kid happy somewhere.
polymer clay cane egg decorated

Translucent white and blue polymer clay cane easter egg

Translucent white and blue polymer clay cane easter egg which I will give away to one of my grandkids. I think it is kind of nice. It is made from the same cane as the previous post but I added blue to the outside before reducing the cane again. It also has pieces of the original cane without blue background. I did not try to remove the egg shell from this particular egg since I figured out on the previous egg that transparency was likely never going to be achieved. haha.

Translucent, white and a little color polymer clay

This began as a chicken egg, onto which I places slices of polymer clay cane which I made from a combination of two different types of translucent clay and white clay, adding the color in an hexagonal pattern. After curing I spent hours trying to dissolve out the egg shell from the center (using white vinegar and a syringe to put the spent vinegar out and the fresh vinegar in). All in all it is not that translucent but the snowflake flowers have a depth and the overall egg has a softness that is kind of nice. I sanded but chose not to put urethane on it.