Polymer clay decorated egg from the 1980s

This i believe is an egg that I did long ago, with the old formula of FIMO, since it had a waxy feel to it. This is certainly not stunning, but a record of eggs that this family has made for 5 decades, and while simple is still nice. It is also from back in the day when i did not feel the need to use flower petals in everything to give them memorial-significance (LOL).


Music decorated ostrich egg

Ostrich egg dyed with pysanky dyes, in a musical theme and coated with urethane.

I am posting the image so that you all know that urethane is not a good covering for such projects.  After about 20 years this looks horrible, and the ambering of the whole egg is just sad.  So be aware of what products you use to coat your projects.  Also, I am not proud of the design… ha ha.   Lessons learned.

Ostrich egg mosaicked with chicken egg shells

Firtly –  the past tense of the word mosaic, is crazy…. mosaicked.  I looked it up.

Secondly – this egg is likely the first ostrich egg that I mosaicked with chicken egg shells dyed with pysanky dyes.  The chicken eggs were specifically died (just one mordant color – yellow, then the second color) for this purpose.  I found that the inside of the eggs dyed more intensely than the outer shell.. and while disappointing, I still used the pieces.

This egg was given to my mother, probably in the last century (haha… maybe 1990 or so) and went into the possession of my sister who photographed it for me.  I think in retrospect the tiny chicken egg shells needed to be organized in a more obvious design, here they seem kind of “lost” in the larger dimensions of the ostrich egg.

My wonderful christmas egg

Corin and her mom made this awesome “chocolate” and “marshmallow” christmas egg for me (2019).  How tender and soft and wonderful. It sits next to a blue bird egg and in front of other eggs from this year.  I love that one grandchild is crazy about sculpting with polymer clay.  Thank you corin and pepsi.  This egg is made over an emptied chicken egg.


Pysanky egg – red faced

This was a lark….. not sure about whom would like it, but it was fun to do, and the orange of this egg is intense, would that the black had dyed as intensely. Its a face, none that I remember seeing before..LOL.

7 inch decorated polymer clay egg with flowers

This was an egg that I made before which is posted as a disaster and I spent considerable time trying to salvage the base. It is an interesting challenge to do polymer clay eggs over what is sold as “paper” eggs in the craft stores – which by the way may (often) have a plastic base that is just covered in a thin layer of paper. I am not sure why they dont disclose this from the beginning.  Anyway, this is the result of that salvage (i never give up on anything  ha ha).  There are two glass jewel droplets in this “dragon size” decorated egg. (not as big as an ostrich egg, but bigger than an emu egg)

Chess board quilt

This quilt was dreamed up as a lark for a grandson who is way to old to want a quilt for christmas but for whom i made this hoping that it would pique his interest.  I began thinking that the whole quilt would be uniquely constructed small chess board blocks but it because apparent that this would take me about 4 years so I put the blocks that I had already made onto a checker background.  I think the idea is really fun, as each chess board is made of scrappy materials, 1.5 inch squares, and stripes cut and sewn in a staggered way (also the border made this way), and then I ran onto some material that actually had tiny chess boards printed on it…. so a couple of those i sashed and used in the quilt.

This was supposed to be quilted on the diagonal for each of the black squares but, using a long arm quilting machine for the first time in my life (to quilt this) it was apparent that straight lines were probably not what the machine was designed to do…. so within about three squares, I began free-motion quilting according to what each piece of fabric had to offer. This included moving around the arms of the pilots wheel, going in and around the large dots, following the leaves and flowers of some of the fabrics, spiral on the tiny polkadots, and so on.  It was a great experience to use the long arm quilting machine. My thanks to Julie of Stitches near Tri-County mall, who was open to my experimentation. For that I am grateful, as I know i broke all the rules about the use of a free floating top on their backing material and the zipper thing to attach the quilt to the frame.

This quilt is not without it gliches, and there will be no blue ribbons, but I am posting the picture in the hopes that my idea will stimulate someone else to do a really good job on a similar style quilt.

Next quilt i do like this i am determined to make the entire backing out of black and white 3.5 inch squares, ha ha…. currently it is all one color backing, black with small random white dots.

BTW, i really did think the border (made with black and white strip material) was a genius idea.


6 inch sculpted dimensional decorated egg

Here is a very large egg that has been sculpted with polymer clay and a texture sheet (oddly enough textured with the top part of an eppendorf pipette tip holder from work — LOL) and flowers and leaves and rainbow colors. The clay contains particles of flower petals from an event (funerals, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, holidays, valentines day, etc, and can be made from your flowers to give it special meaning).  Eggs will each be unique, but will follow this particular pattern if requested from the “decorated eggs for sale” on this blog or my “memory-bead” website.