Ostrich egg mosaicked with chicken egg shells

Firtly –  the past tense of the word mosaic, is crazy…. mosaicked.  I looked it up.

Secondly – this egg is likely the first ostrich egg that I mosaicked with chicken egg shells dyed with pysanky dyes.  The chicken eggs were specifically died (just one mordant color – yellow, then the second color) for this purpose.  I found that the inside of the eggs dyed more intensely than the outer shell.. and while disappointing, I still used the pieces.

This egg was given to my mother, probably in the last century (haha… maybe 1990 or so) and went into the possession of my sister who photographed it for me.  I think in retrospect the tiny chicken egg shells needed to be organized in a more obvious design, here they seem kind of “lost” in the larger dimensions of the ostrich egg.