Very large (10.5 inches high) polymer clay easter egg decorated

Base was manufactured over a plastic egg (two halves) using paper mache then put back together with more paper.  Then covered with a thin layer of translucent polymer clay (still in halves) and many of the flowers were put on in a two part egg.  The total egg was put together, and cured, and then flowers and background finished.

All in all, i would make the basic halves but the first coat of polymer clay would be a single unit, since putting the halves together was a little problematic.

very large polymer clay decorated egg with flowers

Decorated egg for SARS Cov 19 easter – 2

This egg actually has a lot of detail about the coronavirus (SARS-Cov-2) including representation of the plus sense RNA wound around the nucleocapsid protein in the center of each virion, and the envelope and the membrane (with a transporter protein added as a separate color, and all the thickly placed spike proteins (S1 and S2). What it lacks, aside from being a polymer clay model, a slice through the center of a pretend virion, it does lack the hemagglutinin esterase spike proteins. So sorry for missing that. LOL.  You can purchase this egg, or one made similarly, here, by searching the products on this blog, or at this website called memory-beads.