Polymer clay decorated goose eggs in a nest

Polymer clay decorated goose eggs in a nest – this year in Cincinnati Ohio it is the emergence of the brood X cicadas.  There are so many birds that are having a good season that I have found three empty robin’s nests (no eggs no birds were there).  In many years I have only found one, but this year has been a booming year for new birds apparently because of the cicadas.  I salvaged these, sterilized them at 350 degrees for an hour, trimmed off some of the extra stuff and coated them with resin.  I think they will remain pretty stable if not exposed to water.  (Robin’s nests are a mud base and lots of fluff and stuff for softness on the top).


Custom decorated egg, larger than a chicken egg

Here is a highly textured decorated egg, just larger than a chicken egg but not as big as a decorated goose egg.  Tip*  – the texture on the green polymer clay is made with the lid of a peanut butter jar.  That was the inspiration. Texture creating in polymer clay is about the most fun  one can have with this medium.

This particular item is for sale here, or on my Memory-beads.com website.