Two little eyes: a smile marker

Just a fun little things of almost no consequence unless it makes someone smile.  This is made with a thinly rolled sheet of plymer clay over two eggs; one large and one very small. After curing, the eggs were chipped away from the polymer clay, the draping edges trimmed to be level when place on a flat surface, and then I just played games making flowers, two eye holes, and a smile and tongue.  The round polymer clay beads that became the eyes I could have done a better job on, but this was just an experiment. They roll forward to show eyelids and back to show the pupils.  there is a wire bent in a u shape that I attached to the inside of the object with polymer clay. It holds each bead (eye) in place.  On the back of each bead (eye) i added a little mound of polymer clay that keeps the eye from rolling past the eyelid paint. The pupils are painted as well.

I have no clue what one would use this for. Perhaps a flat back could be added and it would be a refrigerator magnet, or perhaps weight could be placed inside and a bottom attached, and it could be a paper weight. Alternatively, it could be set inside a small frame (with more polymer clay perhaps, making a dimensional wall hanging or framed 3D sculpture.

The fun thing about this concept is that it has a way of “reminding” one of good times, and I can add flower petals or glitter from a prom night, or other objects that actually give it “meaning” in the keepsake sense. The yellow polymer clay here actually has funeral flower petals in it.