Quilt from Poly Flinters quilt scrap boxes, Cincinnati Ohio, Circa 1985

I loved to go down to 8th street Cincinnati Ohio where Poly Flinders had cutters and cut out the dress patterns for little girls dresses.  The fabrics were wonderful, embroidery floss available, ribbons, buttons, and even some left over fabric by the yard.  This was 40 years ago and I am still trying to use up some of those scraps. This quilt was a “lark” and in one box of scraps there were dozens of half circles made of light weight blue jeans material.  I decided to use my very old singer (no embroidery stitches there, but just zig zag) to see if i could applique into the half circles.  NO NEW THREAD FABRIC BATTING OR BACKING USED… 100% scraps.

Good for a little tom-boy, a little to flowery for a young man.