Checkers and hearts – quilt blocks, each unique

This quilt block has a heart made of left over lightweight blue jeans material which came from Polly Flinders down on 8th St. Cincinnati Ohio, in the 1980s. I bought tons of cutting-pieces from them there, as their cutters worked either in the same building or nearby. I mourn the loss of that company’s cutters and i think they ended up somewhere in the east by the coast.  Anyway — the blue jeans cuttings were from little girls dresses, and it still has the cotton feel and still has that raveling look.

I am still using the 70 year old “green” portable singer…LOL, forward and backward stitches, and 4 settings of zig-zag, thats it.

Checkers and hearts – quilt blocks

Lots of check and hearts for this quilt for my granddaughter. Each is unique. Thats so much more fun than making 56 of the same thing, besides being a great way to use up the left over squares already cut, and the scraps of black, white and red fabric.  I was a little surprised to find that the “star” made this distinctly more like a flag than a quilt block…LOL.