Art ? , or AI playground ?

AI art, or playground for (mindless) easy replication and distortion.

I got the idea that maybe all the “AI, ready made, matlab assisted, pattern making programs, pattern recognition software is not that good for the human brain. Just occurred to me that using the “easy” button to be artistic (as a writer, poet, musician, artist) maybe be in fact “very easy” but might not increase our ability to enjoy detail, creativity, enjoyment, peace, and all things that typically make the artistic masters beloved.

Attached is a set of images that to me were just “chaotic scramblings” of some very old impressionist piece of art, (I could not easily find the original but sort of remember it, but later did find it as very likely AI on a painting by Matisse).

The original is great, but is this artwork below?, quickly created with AI = image filtering functions and distortions? It shows NO creativity whatever; it isĀ  “fake-art”. What does this easy button for artwork do to the human brain and its ability to create, record, beautify the world, grow as a craftsman, leave a legacy?

I am not impressed. (I bestowe all do respect to the person who created this fake art that required no brains at all, and also the artist that created the original required skill and patience). I have no intent to publicize or monetize this current persons 40 second-use of some canned image filters over an existing work of art.

The he/she/other who created it certainly had fun, but made little or no impact on the general human creative spirit, and did leave impact on total number of online images (not really adding to progress or creativity), and little impact on their own creativity.

The impact on me, big, and in terms reposting junk (ok, i reposted this junk, but with philosophical comments, LOL)