Corin’s angel character for her movie “The small ones”

Corin is creating a cast of characters for her new movie. “movie” in quotes though I dont doubt for an instant that her daddy will supply her with some animation software (to use at the tender age of 7) so she could actually animate such a movie, at least a little. If she were at my house should could use my rather outdated version of SwishMax4 and that would be awesome fun.  Here is one of the cast characters, clearly a wonderful little girl angel, whose name is yet to be determined.

Corin @ 1/24/2019

Happy Birthday Chaya

Corin has sent a message to her cousin Chaya. Be bold and have a happy birthday. I guess I could ask what that word means to two little girls, but I don’t need to be reminded to help my grandaughters understant that women need to be “bold” in their educations, and in their careers, their involvement in humanitarian and political circles, and in their attentiveness to nurturing the next generation.

CMM @ 2019