Ukranian flag colors – decorated egg

I used the colors of the Ukranian flag to decorate this egg with polymer clay.  I have done many pysanky (eggs, chicken, ostrich, goose, finch, cockatiel, and other eggs) but this is quite different from that technique. I feel for the Ukranian people at this time and I will make, and send, a similar egg to individuals who show me proof of a donation to a legitimate Ukranian relief fund.

Two little eyes: a smile marker

Just a fun little things of almost no consequence unless it makes someone smile.  This is made with a thinly rolled sheet of plymer clay over two eggs; one large and one very small. After curing, the eggs were chipped away from the polymer clay, the draping edges trimmed to be level when place on a flat surface, and then I just played games making flowers, two eye holes, and a smile and tongue.  The round polymer clay beads that became the eyes I could have done a better job on, but this was just an experiment. They roll forward to show eyelids and back to show the pupils.  there is a wire bent in a u shape that I attached to the inside of the object with polymer clay. It holds each bead (eye) in place.  On the back of each bead (eye) i added a little mound of polymer clay that keeps the eye from rolling past the eyelid paint. The pupils are painted as well.

I have no clue what one would use this for. Perhaps a flat back could be added and it would be a refrigerator magnet, or perhaps weight could be placed inside and a bottom attached, and it could be a paper weight. Alternatively, it could be set inside a small frame (with more polymer clay perhaps, making a dimensional wall hanging or framed 3D sculpture.

The fun thing about this concept is that it has a way of “reminding” one of good times, and I can add flower petals or glitter from a prom night, or other objects that actually give it “meaning” in the keepsake sense. The yellow polymer clay here actually has funeral flower petals in it.

Goose egg, hollow, decorated with polymer clay

I found this great site for buying eggs that are unusual sizes and shapes and colors. It is called The Eggers Nest.  This goose egg was purchased from them. I put the black layer of polymer clay and the purple border on then cured the clay and added the flowers, cured it again, and then punched out the edges of the egg. At that point i made the flowers for the outside of the black strip and cured again. The inside was designed to look like grey-green-white marble. Buy this on

I added a red row for tiny bubbles in the top picture.

polymer clay decorated chicken eggs of all sizes

polymer clay decorated eggs of all sizes polymer clay decorated eggs of all sizes polymer clay decorated eggs of all sizes polymer clay decorated eggs of all sizespolymer clay decorated goose eggs of all sizes