Blue marble and flowers, decorated flat egg, refrigerator magnet

Blue marble and flowers, decorated flat egg, refrigerator magnet. This refrigerator easter egg magnet was made not made with half a chicken egg as the mold, rather, a rounded solid piece of white polymer clay, and a thin sheet of marble blended clay over top, and trimmed with a knive around the base.  The arc of the center of the egg shape is much lower, and this is an easy alternative to making the egg shaped magnet with half a chicken egg as the mold.

The flowers leaves and stem were added after the whole egg base was complete, but I believe the marble sheet and flowers can be added at the same time.

decorated easter egg flat refrigerator magnets, decor, easter, eggs decorated

Mortar and scrap tile decorated very large easter egg

This product is going to have to have added shipping unless you want to pick up yourself at my location. LOL, shipping would be too much to think about since the egg itself weigs likely around 10 lbs maybe 15. This egg is at least 1 foot tall, and is decorated with scrap mosaic and plastic tiles using thin-set mortar with additive, and brown grout. It probably could survive outside in very very cold weather but should be brought inside in the winter. The base is a salvaged hollow plastic egg (not hard plastic but kind of a mix of a flexible but still rigid plastic… no clue what kind it is). I have used other plastic eggs left over and salvaged from decorations and they have survived for several years.

If you have a plastic egg you want to drop off to me, i can do this for you, no size limitation, only limitation on size is that you have to move it when its finished LOL.

There are two views to look at on this website “eggsorcism” and “pinterest”
mortar and tile decorated one foot large easter egg

Checkers and hearts quilt top

Checkers and hearts quilt top mad all from scraps, no new basic square cut, everything just random. The hearts of course were cut out of the closest size scrap. Nothing new, not thread, not material,  just for the love of getting rid of the scraps, and enjoying random chaos.

I could have planned a little more….  i think that some straight lines from top to bottom and side to side would have been comforting, but i chose to fit it all together “as it fell” so to speak.