Maybe too big a task

This is a giant polymer clay egg which i am documenting as I go, as a process which needs to be refined (LOL) and may not be a realistic expectation for any sculpture with polymer clay.

It is clear that polymer clay is both heavy and expensive, and that armature is a good idea, and also that when it is cured it can bend, bulge, shrink and otherwise distort so there needs to be some kind of support for large structures.

I have tried to second guess this medium, having seen first hand that there are some areas where it is easy to “fail” but maybe not enough.

Goose egg carved and decorated with polymer clay

This goose egg came from a stash of eggs from almost half a century ago (LOL) when my kids were young and we were making all kinds of pysanky eggs. I guess this egg was saved but at this point i decided to repurpose it as a carved

and flower modeled egg.  I used a thin layer of white and translucent to cover the entire egg except where i penciled in the ovals to be carved later, and cured it, then carved out the oval areas, just pecking slowly.  The edges were sanded and then I build the outside of the egg shown here.

Then layered a thin sheet of marbleized polymer clay on the inside of the egg made with left overs from the stripes. The border was added and the egg cured again.  At this point I could not decide whether to go further or not, but see below, the edge has roses and leaves and other ornamentation.

Mosaic decorated ostrich egg: piano keys music

This is an old egg, the urethane i used on it for gloss has ambered, but i asked my sister (piano teacher, for whom i made it) to send me a couple pix just so i could remember what it looked like.   I hope i do better now…LOL. I also hope the aquathane that i use now for coating eggs doesn’t do what the old polyurethane did, but i wont keep my hopes up.   I made her a music egg using pysanky also long long ago (like three decades) as well.  The egg shells used to decorate this ostrich egg were dyed with pysanky dyes, then dried and crushed into medium size egg shell tesserae.

7 inch decorated polymer clay egg with flowers

This was an egg that I made before which is posted as a disaster and I spent considerable time trying to salvage the base. It is an interesting challenge to do polymer clay eggs over what is sold as “paper” eggs in the craft stores – which by the way may (often) have a plastic base that is just covered in a thin layer of paper. I am not sure why they dont disclose this from the beginning.  Anyway, this is the result of that salvage (i never give up on anything  ha ha).  There are two glass jewel droplets in this “dragon size” decorated egg. (not as big as an ostrich egg, but bigger than an emu egg)

6 inch sculpted dimensional decorated egg

Here is a very large egg that has been sculpted with polymer clay and a texture sheet (oddly enough textured with the top part of an eppendorf pipette tip holder from work — LOL) and flowers and leaves and rainbow colors. The clay contains particles of flower petals from an event (funerals, weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs, holidays, valentines day, etc, and can be made from your flowers to give it special meaning).  Eggs will each be unique, but will follow this particular pattern if requested from the “decorated eggs for sale” on this blog or my “memory-bead” website.

Textured 5 inch decorated egg – polymer clay

This egg was created over a paper egg (purchased in a local craft store – which btw sometimes is not just paper but has a plastic core or inner support which might have to be removed). The texture for the heart was created with the lid of a pipette holder (from the stash of recycling in the hallway at work) and it worked quite well.

I can create eggs like this using your flower petals to make it a more meaningful object, a remembrance of someone or some event that you wish to keep in your heart.