Very large decorated egg, about 10 inches tall, marbelized background and dimensional flowers.

This egg was an experiment to see whether i could use a commercial plastic egg form underneath polymer clay and have it hold its shape during curing.  It worked out pretty well.  The coloration in this egg (as an experiment) was really fun and while mixing pretty much all my polymer clay scraps it turned into this really nead marble type of design and I couldn’t really in good conscience continue blending the colors. So this is the result of that trial.  I added dimensional flowers just because it was so big, and the marble background just didn’t hold my interest.   This experiment is yours for $50.00  LOL.

Quite large mosaic outdoor garden decor for easter (egg)

About one foot tall, this is a hollow easter egg made with concrete, then tiled with mortar and scrap tile (all scrap except the mortar and grout used to create this egg shape). It can survive outside, likely not in the freeze thaw of winter, but did survive last year outside in rain and heat.

I will deliver to anyone within 50 mi of Cincinnati – Cost 150$, please contact me.

Picture is taken on my own basement tile mosaic floor (LOL).

Very large mosaic egg

This mosaic egg (made with tile and mortar, after prep of a plastic egg purchased after last easter (LOL)) is hollow, weighing maybe 8 or 10 lbs, so it is not solid. I dont have any idea what would happen to the mortar if it were left to freeze and thaw, but for inside decoration, and sprint decorations I think it will survive for a few years.  It is almost two feet tall.  The hexagonal tiles are assorted hand made polymer clay tiles, and some donated from a local tile store.

The entire mosaic egg is made from scrap tiles (except the mortar and the grout are deliberate purchases from a local tile shop.  Just for fun.  Will deliver to anyone within 50 miles of Cincinnati…. cost is $200.


It is OK to laugh, photograph is taken on my mosaic tile basement floor.

Ukranian flag colors – decorated egg

I used the colors of the Ukranian flag to decorate this egg with polymer clay.  I have done many pysanky (eggs, chicken, ostrich, goose, finch, cockatiel, and other eggs) but this is quite different from that technique. I feel for the Ukranian people at this time and I will make, and send, a similar egg to individuals who show me proof of a donation to a legitimate Ukranian relief fund.