Custom decorated egg, larger than a chicken egg

Here is a highly textured decorated egg, just larger than a chicken egg but not as big as a decorated goose egg.  Tip*  – the texture on the green polymer clay is made with the lid of a peanut butter jar.  That was the inspiration. Texture creating in polymer clay is about the most fun  one can have with this medium.

This particular item is for sale here, or on my website.

More polymer clay decorated eggs

I am really enjoying this new style for decorating eggs. It is easy, and allows the use of many types of texture tools, and can be cured multiple times during the process to keep the textures stable as each is applied. It suits some crafters (like me) more than others, since I rarely have enough time or opportunity to finish a project in one sitting. Here are some new eggs.

‘first new decorated egg for 2021’

Decorating eggs is a big thing for me, ever since i was old enough to hold a pen or paintbrush. 77 years later, the minute christmas is over i move on to eggs.

This particular decorated egg can be made custom with your flower petals, or pet fur, bird feathers, pine cones, glitter, confetti, paper announcements, just about whatever you can think of can be embedded in the flowers and dimensional patterns in a keepsake memorial egg like this. You just contact me with your wishes and I will try to invent the solution.

This egg is over 4 inches tall, close to 5, and is made on a core egg that is hollow.