Pysanky ostrich egg made by kids (2)

The technique of pysanka is so good for kids.  The risk is very small, and while the dyes can stain, hopefully a responsible adult is there.  My kids really loved doing it, and I have some chicken eggs that were made by kids as young as two and three…. i just held their hand so they didn’t get burned with the candle and kistka, but they directed (the scribble from the young ones) motion. We did mass numbers of chicken eggs and each tried their hands at several ostrich eggs.  Wish I could remember which of my three kids did this one (LOL and I wont wager a guess, they all developed similar, but still unique styles).  But I have kept it (them) for decades. These were some of the best hours of my “parenting life”.



One of my kids made this ostrich egg pysanky. It was certainly a craft that they all enjoyed. I highly recommend it, almost everything comes out wonderfully. I have eggs that kids have done when it they required help holding the kistka. LOL.

The bigger eggs like this ostrich egg required several trips to the craft table, and a little planning. I wish I had figured out a way for them each to sign their ostrich eggs, as I cannot remember which of my boys (I don’t think this is my daughter’s) made this.