Resin coaster made with my garden weeds

Getting flowers to maintain their color, shape and depth during the drying and/or dehydrating requires patience and special equipment (thats what the commercial businesses use). I just grabbed some of the common weeds from my own yard and my neighbors yards along the parkway and flattened them between pieces of paper towel and pressed them until dry under stacks of books.

This particular item was made with a left over and unwanted ring bracelet, kind of a brass color, that I could not figure out anything else to do with. I used packing tape to seal the back side, and poured just a thin layer of resin.

The plants i had dried I used some of that resin (before it cured) to just lightly coat the tops and bottoms of the flattened flowers, and when that cured, I organized them within the ring.  I poured one thin coat of resin and let that cure. BTW I also added some “seeds” from some of the weeds.

The next step was to remove the packing tape from the bottom, sand off the bumps and flatten as best i could, and then repour the final back-side coat of resin and let it cure.

The last step was to pour the top side…. before that coat I also sanded off the areas that stuck above the top rim before i poured the resin. I added a tiny bit of gold glitter to the last pour on the top.

It is kind of fun, but the flowers would be prettier if the colors had stayed.

FYI this is NOT an egg, though it is posted under the “egg” cateory.

Resin mistakes

I thought about embedding black-eyed susan flowers in resin, but i wasnt able to dry them so they kept their color and shape. And, it dawned on me at the same time that “eggs” would be a great mold to shape resin in.  The shell could be dissolved in vinegar in just a few hours and then the shape of the egg would remain pretty perfectly.  So, I took a fresh black-eyed susan from the yard, and suspended it in the top of an egg previously blown out, washed and dried (with a reasonably big hole in the bottom part to allow for pouring the resin and stuffing the flower in.  That done i mixed up some resin (i wont give the name since what happened was not the fault of the resin (LOL), and poured it into the bottom, arranged the flower, and filled the rest of the egg shell with resin and put it aside to sit.  This was a medium size egg, not extra large, so i was surprised when i heard a crackling noise from within the egg, and it was bubbling and smoking like a volcano. Anticipating eminent explosion… i took the casting outside and watched through the window.  Bubbling stopped, no explosion, and the resin did harden in 24 hours but what i produced was hysterically funny.  I called it the X-files alien egg.

It did take a while to trim off the bubbles from the bottom of the egg, and soak off the egg shell, and sand it smooth.  ha ha.. total waste of time, but the results are pretty awesome.  ha ha