Eggs, lots of eggs

Decorating eggs is just a hobby, I hope some of the images can entertain you, if you want a custom egg, just contact me (marian(at)pdqpatterns)  yes it is a dot com.  I am not sure why I began this hobby but I speculate that it relates to a neighbor that lived next door to us on Windermere Avenue in Eagle Rock California.  I loved art, she was an artist, of the best kind, she drew medical images for textbooks. I know that I wanted to be a medical illustrator like she was. She did paint and give us easter eggs (in spite of being jewish) she certainly liked decorating eggs and we five kids always enjoyed what she made.  Her name was Lucille Castle Innes and her medical illustrations can be found in may of the old anatomy text books.

I have to assume this is why i like decorating eggs.  Here is a link to a memorial article about her.

I did enter University of Toronto (i think in 1967) to begin that art program under the directorship of Nancy Joy.  She also is listed as a well known medical illustrator.  Life changes our plans, I ended up at the University of Cincinnati after just one year in Toronto and ended up with a PhD in Anatomy. Legend has it that Mary Maciel (who was the director of medical illustration here at UC), had difficulties with relationships with women, and therefore denied me entrance into the program. (I did not see her bio on the list of distinguished medical illustrators, I am not sure why). Blessings on her however, as an alternative I ended up with a better career, and really enjoyed science. The wonderful thing about anatomy (microscopy, in particular transmission electron microscopy) is that it is a visual science, and taxes all the visualization skills one has.