‘first new decorated egg for 2021’

Decorating eggs is a big thing for me, ever since i was old enough to hold a pen or paintbrush. 77 years later, the minute christmas is over i move on to eggs.

This particular decorated egg can be made custom with your flower petals, or pet fur, bird feathers, pine cones, glitter, confetti, paper announcements, just about whatever you can think of can be embedded in the flowers and dimensional patterns in a keepsake memorial egg like this. You just contact me with your wishes and I will try to invent the solution.

This egg is over 4 inches tall, close to 5, and is made on a core egg that is hollow.

Blue dotted egg

I saw some “dot” artwork, either painting or tiles (the tiles that are called penny rounds are totally fun) and I set to make something like that using polymer clay and an empty chicken egg shell.

Flowers and centers: polymer clay decorated egg

This egg was a variation on one done earlier, which I found both fun to make and interesting to look at. This one differs in that i used metal “flower centers” instead of polymer clay as I did on the first version pictured here. So the technique of the cut flower and the different color center remained the same, but there is space in the background (black polymer clay) on the first egg, and green mottled leaves on the second egg. Another difference is that the latter was a very tiny chicken egg, the former much larger.  This is really a practice for an ostrich egg, coming up.  Check the products to purchase it, or go to Memory-beads.

Very large (10.5 inches high) polymer clay easter egg decorated

Base was manufactured over a plastic egg (two halves) using paper mache then put back together with more paper.  Then covered with a thin layer of translucent polymer clay (still in halves) and many of the flowers were put on in a two part egg.  The total egg was put together, and cured, and then flowers and background finished.

All in all, i would make the basic halves but the first coat of polymer clay would be a single unit, since putting the halves together was a little problematic.

very large polymer clay decorated egg with flowers