Decorated ostrich egg: polymer clay and flower petal cane keepsake – blues and pinks


Decorated ostrich egg


I am not sure where the desire to decorate eggs came from – at least in my life, but the desire to deocrate eggs is an ancient practice probably common to all societies. The egg has a shape that is special, typically bilaterally symmetrical, an oblate ovoid and provides beauty and nutrition and a symbol of life.

I purchased some ostrich eggs just a few months ago (my second dozen eggs – the first from a farm in texas. more than 30 years ago, this batch from a farm in the north of the US… a great place since they are also interested in conservation, ecology, environment, etc).

I have been using polymer clay canes made with ground up flower petals (from weddings, funerals, birthdays, other commemorative events) to make a decorated egg that has sentimental meaning, therefore sating my desire to make things relevant to customers, and also my desire to create.

This particular egg is mostly blues and pinks.

I still have this particular egg, but I can make one similar to it in your custom colors with your own flower petals.